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    Which Upcoming Technology Trends will Shape the World in the Next Decade?

    Well with every single year, the advancement of technology has been greatly improving and has become a driving force in the whole world. Most often a new trend of technology is introduced in the market and many times an old technology is replaced by the new one.
    The approachable development of early personal computers in the mid-1970 is a big evidence of the fact that how fast the technology runs. It all started from a small microphone revolution and now it is completely transformed into a small device of laptops and tablets. This shows that the journey of technology has been ever-expanding and long.
    In the modern scenario, we all are fully aware of the concept of technology trends and their paramount significance. To better keep yourself updated with the modern technology world, it is mandatory to know which upcoming technology trends will transform the world in the next decade.
    It’s time to crack into it!
    Let’s share with you a comprehensive list of some top best and upcoming latest technology trends which will shape the world in the next decade:


    Without any double on the top, we have Artificial Intelligence! We all have been aware of this trend at some point or the other. It is also known as Machine Learning. AI is becoming a new and big thing in the world of technology. The straightway from e-commerce applications to Google Assistant, every one of them is technically running on this AL concept.


    AI is an endeavor of making certain machines that are capable of being equitable into human intelligence. In simple words, AI is all about creating any machine to stimulate itself. Digital Marketing and Alexa are few major sectors, which are completely relying upon AI.
    Besides, AI is also having an ability in which it can drive some driver-less card with great precision and manage the whole traffic effectively. In simple, AI is an advanced phenomenon that will overtake different operations with time.


    Data is the latest strategy. More amount of data means that you can easily conclude some basic information for socio-economic profits. With the help of data, you can even regain some political profits as well.


    Facebook-Cambridge Analytical Data Scandal is one such big example of it. Trump achieved high success in US National Elections just because he designed such campaigns that were based on the specific data received from the platform of Facebook. He, later on, analyzed it through Cambridge University.
    In short, data science is all about exploring, analyzing, and extracting basic knowledge or insights from both structured and unstructured data. A series of trends and patterns help understand the ecosystem, business performance, and behavior of other things.


    Have you seen some latest advertisements by educational platform BYUs? Well if yes, then probably this advertisement is the perfect example to let an ordinary person know the actual concept behind augmented reality.

    Augmented Reality or AR is an overlaying or blending of various interactive digital mediums such as videos and graphics. These are all similar to virtual projections. You will find extensive use of AU in the field of digital learning. It is being expected that due to AR a high potential advancement will be encountered in the technology world.
    Also, AR is multi-dimensional in its uses. It is being vastly used in the fields of modeling, designing, public safety, medical training, engineering and so many more. In the coming few years, this trend will definitely rule the world of technology.


    According to some of the people IoT are digital devices or mechanical based machines, whereas, for other people, this timeline is interlinked with a smart computing system having unique identifiers. All these devices are accountable to transfer or collect data/information over the internet without any need for human interaction or computing systems.

    It is a fact that IoT is working like another wheel which boosts big data and AI. By embedding computing devices in various objects will enhance your standard of lifestyle. The scope of IoT is wide and is being extensively used for cars, lighting, alarm clocks, thermostats, security systems, speaker systems, commercial environments, or vending machines.


    Next, we have Blockchain! A blockchain is a form of electronic ledger which will enable you to store, fully authenticate, and secure your data.


    It even provides a facility for secure transactions. Plus users are allowed to share their Blockchain. This whole scenario of Blockchain is known to be the main foundation of electronic currencies or cryptocurrencies.


    You will encounter so many departments and fields where the use of robots is getting increasingly high. It seems like this robotic technology has completely replaced human workers in manufacturing areas. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a form of technology that is used to automate structured and repetitive business or some production houses.

    With the help of Robotics Process Automation, humans can engage themselves in some complex functions. RPA plays an important role when it comes to handling emails, replying to emails, handling major business data, or processing specific transactions.


    Another major upcoming technology trend is about 5G! This has been one of the most awaited technologies in the field of sciences. 5G is all about the scenario of the fastest internet access which is considered to be a dominant requirement of the whole world. If you love to spend your weekends on Netflix, then streaming the web series at the fastest speed and high definition is your utmost wish.


    This technology trend will be known as the “5th Generation” of networking cellular technology. It will be served with a faster, smarter, and stable series of internet connection. The introduction of 5G is a huge advancement in the field of technology because the majority of the technology trends relay on the fastest internet and reliable connectivity.


    Cobots technology is also known as ‘Collaborative Robots.’ Future time will witness both humans and robots working by the side of one another. Currently, the use of robots is extremely popular.


    You will encounter so many departments and fields where the use of robots is getting increasingly high. The technology of robots is intelligent and highly specialized to respond with quick precision. This will bring a promising improvement and advancement in the field of technology.


    How can we forget mentioning Aerospace Technologies! Over the last few months, drones have been playing a major role in monitoring and tracking COVID 19 situations. They are even used in various security agencies for protection purposes.
    This aircraft technology of drones is equally important in the sectors of law enforcement, military operations, transportation, rescue operations, and so on. In the coming few years, this trend will definitely rule the world of technology.


    Do you know what social media influencing is all about? Well, many of you have already heard this term! Every single person who wants to be famous chooses the platform of social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. This entire circle of social media has revolutionized connections, methods, and the exchange of basic human connections. It equally plays an important role to perform various business operations.


    OTTs is the abbreviation of Over the Top! This technology trend has fully overhauled consumption and creation. Readymade content is all the time available on laptops, smartphones, and TV sets through the access of the internet.

    This platform/system has fully changed the whole scenario of how we view or perceive things. Web series, talk shows, and podcasts are the latest sources of entertainment which are quickly replacing the old entertainment trends of cinemas, TV, radio, and theaters.


    Genomics is a part of genetics which is all about sequencing and analyzing major organism genome. You can even name it as DNA content that is present in one cell of any organism. Experts use genomics for determining the complete DNA sequences and performing some genetic mapping to know the background of any disease.


    Besides it also focuses on the evolution, structure, mapping, function, evolution, or editing of genomes. It is also a major element of building vaccines and diagnostics.


    Do you want to know how you can perform the whole printing process with a personalized 3D printer? Well, both 3D and 4D procedures of printing are having broader applications. If you will be utilizing 3D printing for your personal use, then definitely it will replace all the ordinary things in the printing method.


    The majority of people do not like to interact with others while they are shopping. And it is a huge surprise for them if they get a chance to shop and buy their favorite items without interacting with anyone. In the coming few years, this trend will definitely rule the world of technology. This concept is all about shopping from a store that is based on digital devices and machinery use.


    To turn this whole concept into reality, we have an upcoming technology trend of “smart places”.   Well, the smart place is defined as a platform that is based on interconnected computing devices.  It is quite similar to the IoT system. Specific locations will be completely future-ready and will also provide greater convenience.


    Next, we have Virtual Reality or VR! This concept is about the digital construction of some immersive reality. VR is most commonly used for creating a set of stimulating environment which is included in video games.


    All such environments even stimulate hearing, vision, touch, and smell. You can play your favorite game or even walk around with the help of VR gear i.e. headsets. To bring a certain improvement in this whole virtual environment, you can use augmented reality. In the coming few years, this trend will definitely rule the world of technology. VR has high importance in the training and entertainment sector.


    Next, we have Cloud Computing! This technology trend is a complete dispatch of different services that is accessible through the internet such as servers, networking, data storage, databases, or software. With the help of cloud-based storage, you will be able to save all your important files to a remote database and can also retrieve them when it is needed.


    The whole concept of edge computing is completely transforming the way your data/information is handled or processed. You can even make it call upon as a distributed computing paradigm to bring the data storage and computation closer to specific locations where it is required. Plus it is also helpful to save bandwidth and improve response times. Due to this technology trend, the concept of IoT devices and cloud computing will also expand in the coming years.

    Intelligent Apps

    Such intelligent apps are normally known as software applications that are used along with different other technology trends such as robotics, machine learning, AI and data analytics. They do play an important role where they make some informed decisions that are based on historical data or real-time data.

    Advertising and Digital Marketing

    It is quite exciting to capture some fascinating advertisements as you open any website. This is all because you Googled it. It is all due to Google Ad-Sense based on which ads are being displayed on any website for a money-making perspective.
    It is our data that will enhance our online experiences but on the contrary side; it is equally used for targeting the market through advertising firms and digital marketing. In the coming few years, this trend will definitely rule the world of marketing and business advertising. Social media marketing is associated with it. Browsing history, customized searches, and ads based o old searches are a few major examples.

    Intelligent Computer Vision

    Last but not the last we have Intelligent Computer Vision! In Fast and Furious 7, you might have captures God’s Eye. Big scale of data eventually assists the machines to interpret all sorts of visuals which are around them. A prime example is a facial recognition which computer devices can easily see.

    Intelligent Computer Vision

    Facial recognition is used daily to unlock your mobile phones. Google Lens is a perfect example of intelligent vision. It is predicted that visual data will have some extended applications in the coming era with high regulatory control.


    So this is all we have explained a few major and upcoming technology trends which are expected to shape the whole in coming next decades. Every single technology has been granted with an advanced level of perception and at some point or the other, they do play an important role to magnify a vast development in different areas and sectors of the world.

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