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    Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing – Which One is best for your Business?

    If you are planning to start a new business or any company, then the very first question which probably hits your mind is to choose the best marketing strategy. The reason why a marketing strategy is so much important is that it is directly affecting your approaches to make high sales.If you think that building relevant content marketing for your business should be your top priority, then you are completely wrong with this concept. Equal importance has to be given to digital marketing strategies which play an important role in your business growth.
    But do you know what the difference between digital marketing and content marketing is? What sort of strategies has to be used in your business and from where you should start?
    Well, let’s crack into it and give you a complete guide to assist you curating an excellent marketing strategy driven by either content marketing or digital marketing.

    Introduction of Content Marketing

    The main goal of content marketing is just to grow your major brand awareness which will eventually encourage your conversions. This will leave an impression on others of yours being an authoritative and experienced leader in your field. Through relevant and valuable content, you can encourage your customers to make their way back to your website and know more about your products and services.

    Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing

    Few major examples of content marketing are:
    • Guides pamphlets
    • eBooks
    • Blogs
    • Guide tutorials
    • Articles
    • Videos
    • Photos
    • Infographics

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital advertising and marketing are all about stepping into the on-line world and interacting with your customers. A giant crew of practicable clients is located online as in contrast to that group of with whom you engage locally. With the help of digital marketing, you can effortlessly attain the good-sized target market which is measurable and more cost-effective.
    It offers you a potential with which you can engage with prospectus and discern out what precisely you are searching for. You can grab a chance to make your way inside a big international marketplace. Besides, it helps you to attain most clients and save money as in contrast to normal methods.
    According to the latest survey, around 40% of the respondents declare to get excessive financial savings through the use of digital marketing techniques for their services or product promotion. Therefore 28% of the company proprietors have shifted their advertising systems from traditional channels and have started out investing in digital advertising and marketing tools. With the help of digital marketing, business proprietors can collect a higher Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) in contrast to different advertising channels.

    An Overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing

    As we have already explained the whole scenario of what content marketing is all about, now it’s time to step ahead and explain its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look:


    1. Evoke an Emotional Response:

    With the help of content marketing, you will be able to evoke an emotional response. To evoke a strong emotional response, you should create some meaningful content. This will enable you to attract maximum readers and encourage them to trust you. When it comes to social media platforms, this whole connection of emotional response plays an important role. If your content is inspiring and engaging, there is a high possibility that the readers will instantly share it.

    2. Maximum Chances of Getting Viral 

    Through content marketing platform, there is high visibility of getting viral and famous at different levels. Once you have created a strong and powerful content marketing strategy, you are directly inspiring others to pass this knowledge to the rest of the people who are not yet associated with you.
    Great content is not just limited to one person or a few. Engaging and well-written content has high chances of getting viral and be the center of attraction of masses audience group. Once your content is included with engaging material and facts, there are 100% chances of getting maximum traffic on your site or blog.

    Content Marketing

    3. Reliable Source of Getting Information

    Engaging and well-written content is always known to be a reliable source of information for visitors. It is all about a combination of producing consistent content and increase loyalty among your customers. But to communicate an accurate message and targeting the right set of audiences is a time-consuming process. But this is an ultimate goal which you should achieve as a social media leader.

    4. Content Increases the Interest of Relevant Customers

    No matter whatsoever type of content you are writing upon, make sure it is attracting the relevant customers and your target clients. A powerful content marketing strategy is all about dedicating all your efforts, time, and energy to build a final product. It might sweat you a lot, but at the end of the day, it is worth a piece of investment!


    1. Difficult for Beginners to Understand

    Creating thoughtful content is not an easy task. It demands your time, effort, and full dedication to build powerful content for your targeted audience. Some big companies hire some professional team of writers for creating and later on directing a strong content marketing campaign.
    But hiring a certified team means to put enough of your investment. If you are not willing to put a small piece of your investment and do not build a proper strategy, then your efforts might fall short. No doubt content marketing is worthwhile and rewarding, but at the same time, it is daunting and time-consuming to perform.

    2. Not Free, Hidden Costs

    Another major drawback of content marketing is that it is not free at all. You might face some hidden costs. As you have created a powerful marketing campaign, it gradually means that you are involving enough of your investment towards people and purchasing marketing tools.
    This will include directors, content creators, experienced curators, sales representatives, social media managers, community managers, online marketing experts, and so on. Having all such tools and a professional team of writers will help you to create amazing content and forward it to a larger audience.


    3. Different From Other Traditional Marketing Methods

    If you think that the entire working procedure of content marketing is similar to traditional marketing methods then you are completely wrong! There is a considerable difference between the two of them! Content marketing differs from other marketing methods in terms of budget/cost spent on your service or product promotion. Buy sticking to high-quality content can make your whole task smooth and cost-effective.

    An Overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

    Now it’s time to take one more step forward and explain the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. Let’s have a look:


    1. Get access to larger audience target

    With the help of digital marketing, you will be able to have access to the vast circle of your targeted audience. Through the use of digital marketing, it becomes so much easy and effortless for you to go beyond the audience and communicate with them. This is one of the most major benefits of digital marketing for your business growth.
    Digital Marketing also allows you to target your audience through Facebook and Google ads at a broader level. Google search data will enable you to serve up ads and can offer it to all those people who are searching for deals and accounts within their area.

    2. Digital Marketing is Expanding

    Another major benefit of digital marketing is that its exposure is constantly expanding. The way consumers are utilizing digital platforms is growing massively. In short, digital is one such platform with which you can reach a maximum audience at a larger level.

    3. It is Cheaper to Implement

    You will experience the involvement of digital marketing to be easy in maintenance and cheap in implementation as compared to other traditional methods of marketing. You can easily and quickly create digital assets at an affordable price range. Later on, you can also revise it to reuse and is easy to maintain. On the contrary, side, producing radio and TV ads can be expensive and difficult to maintain.

    Digital Marketing

    4. It is Highly Customizable

    Another major benefit of digital marketing is its customizable nature which makes it highly recommended. Due to excellent customization, it enables us to have better personalization and A/B testing. With the help of marketing automation tools, you can implement some highly customized communication and cost-effectively personalize campaigns. This will eventually enable excellent onboarding programs or communication to develop powerful customer relationships through your account opening.

    5. Allows you to test in real-time

    Digital marketing will enable you to test in real-time which is a major element of your marketing campaign. This will include headlines, layout, fonts, colors, or graphics. Hence you can employ this major capability just to figure out what your customers or prospectuses are looking for. At the end of the day, this will help you to improve your campaign effectiveness.

    6. Give you Quick Access to Social Media

    Besides digital marketing give you quick access to different social media platforms. Different banks have been using various social media channels just to promote their institution and communicate with their customers.
    It is just through social media with which companies get quick feedback about their services or products. A powerful social media presence requires proactive management by the side of the institution. Once it is done accurately, it will create a dialogue and real-time online community.

    7. Get access to the latest technologies

    The last and most important benefit of digital marketing is in view with the latest technology which you can access through this reliable marketing technique. Such new technologies include machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is interesting to note that Chase makes the use of AL for writing marketing copy. They do even use machine-learning AI for figuring out which words and tools are considered to be the most effective tools of marketing.


    1. Low Impact from Visual Viewpoint

    Digital marketing can have a low impact on a visual viewpoint. The world of the internet is extremely crowded and it is quite easy to ignore millions of advertisements approaching on your screen.

    2. Lead to email & content overload

    This marketing tool often leads to email and content overload. You need to be extremely thoughtful about the quantity of prospectus or messages you are sharing with the customers.

    3. High Chances of Fraudulent Activities

    There are high chances of facing fraudulent activities in the world of digital marketing. Banking websites also sent notices to their customers related to fake emails or fraudulent calls. This phenomenon will always stay with the social media platform so you need to be little vigilant to avoid any all sorts of cyber-crimes.

    Final Verdict: Content Marketing & Digital Marketing

    Through this detailed discussion, we are sure that finally, you would have made your choice to pick the best marketing medium. But still, the question is which one is more effective for business! You don’t need to choose any one of these because the whole criteria of getting successful results depend upon what sort of strategies you will be implementing while using these two marketing tools.
    No matter whether you are selecting digital marketing or content marketing, you can boost high sales and engagement only if you will employ it properly. Few organizations often choose to combine both these strategies but it will require enough of your time investment, creativity, and effort.

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