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    iPhone SE Review

    In the month of April 2020, April has bring up the launch of some of the amazing and low cost iPhone models in which we have bring for you the name of iphone SE. It has been unveiled that in 2020 this will be the first phone by iPhone which will be available at the affordable prices of around $399.
    It has been even investigated that the features and working mode of this phone has been quite a lot similar to the iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 8. If you will put both of them by one side, then normally you will view a dramatic change in both of them in terms of the designing and screen display power.

    iphone se

    What is the price of iPhone SE?

    It is available in three different versions in which we have 64, 128 as well as 256GB models. The cost of 64GB has been around $399, and for the 128GB model the price is $449 and for the 256GB model its price is around $549.

    Design of iPhone SE

    Now let’s talk about the designing of this phone for the users! This phone is quite similar with the iPhone 8 in terms of designing. It is offering around 4.7 inches of the display power with the thick bezel on the top as well as on the bottom of the phone. The top of the bezel has been offering with the cutout for the access of front side of facing camera as well as speaker. The bottom side of the mobile has been offered with the Touch ID Home button that has been all covered in sapphire crystal.

    This phone has been adorned with the all glass amazing body finishing in which it is using around seven-layer ink processing for adding some interesting color effect on the glass. The whole glass body as well as glass display has been held all together by the use of aluminum band that is giving the whole phone with the seamless effect. You will also view some minor antenna lines too.
    The back side of the phone has been adjusted with the single-lens rear camera, along with the microphone, as well as LED flash. On the left side, you will view a mute option switch with the volume button. On the right side of the phone, sleep/wake button are positioned. It has the measuring dimension of around 138.4mm tall by 67.3mm wide, and it is 7.3mm thick. It has the weight of around 5.22 ounces.

    Color Options in iPhone SE

    It is available in different color options in which we have space gray and white. You can also have the red version which is offering with a bright red glass-backed shell. All of the three colors have been backed with the black front panels which is white in color.


    Water & Dust Resistance in iPhone SE

    This iPhone SE is offering with the IP67 dust as well as water resistance rating which makes it completely dust-proof. You can easily have this phone to withstand into at least 3.3 feet of water for around 30 minutes. It do have the capacity in which it can easily withstand in the rain or splashes accidental conditions.

    Touch ID of iPhone SE

    Now let’s talk about the touch ID of this amazing mobile phone! This phone has been featuring with the all-glass designing with the adjustment of Face ID. But in order to let the cost be low enough, the iPhone SE has been offered with the home button in the access of Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The entire touch ID main home button has been covered with the durable use of sapphire crystal that is protecting the Touch IFD along with the steel ring which is needed for detecting the user’s fingerprint.

    Display Features of iPhone SE

    The iPhone SE has been included with the same range of the 4.7-inch display which you might be finding in the iPhone 8. It has been set with the resolution of around 13340 by 750 with almost 326 pixels per inch. It even offers the range of 1400:1 contrast ratio. In addition you will view multi-touch capabilities, along with P3 wide color support for some rich results and around 625 nits max brightness.

    Haptic Touch Feature of iPhone SE

    As we all know that iPhone 8 has been supported with the amazing 3D Touch whereas iPhone SE has been included with the similar range of Haptic Touch functionality. This feature functionality is also available in the models of iPhone 11, as well as 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. This Haptic Touch will be working similar to the access of the 3D Touch and they both have been offering the same functionality as well. But here we would like to mention that it is not at all pressure sensitive and is not supporting different functions at each single press.

    You can use the Haptic Touch through the entire operating system as similar to the 3D Touch and so many other tasks. You can employ it for accessing some quick actions on your Home Screen or can also preview the links in Safari. It is to be noted that this Haptic Touch would not be working with the notifications on the Lock Screen or within the main Notification Center.

    A13 Bionic Feature of iPhone SE

    The iPhone SE is offering with the similar A13 Bionic chip which was part of iPhone 11, as well as 11 Pro, and even 11 Pro Max. For Apple it is one of their fastest chip which they normally include in almost all of their smartphones. It has been a lot faster as compared to the A11 inside iPhone 8. It is even efficient in functioning and has been excellent for the battery improvement.
    There has been also an access of 8-core Neural Engine within the A13 chip. The pairing of machine learning accelerator has been letting the CPU to function at the speed of 6 times better and delivering around 1 trillion operations as per second.

    Storage Space of iPhone SE

    It is available in three different versions in which we have 64, 128 as well as 256GB models. It has been rumored that the storage space of the iPhone SE has been included with 3GB RAM which is still not confirmed.

    Cameras of iPhone SE

    In order to let the cost stay low, this iPhone has been delivered with the course of single-lens rear camera. But you will probably finding it included with some technology which you might have noticed in iPhone 11 as well as 11 Pro. iPhone SE is making the usage of similar 12-megapixel rear camera sensor which you found in iPhone 8.

    It has the course of 12-megapixel wide-angle camera in which it is offering around f/1.8 aperture with the optical image stabilization, as well as wide color capture. You will even view the next-generation Smart HDR for the sake of improved highlights as well as shadow detailing.

    No Night Mode in iPhone SE

    The iPhone SE is also supporting the range of Portrait Mode, as well as Portrait Lighting, and with the Depth Control. This is all done when it comes to the usage of image signal processor as well as Neural Engine for some computational photography. This has been the first iPhone by the Apple which is offered with the software solution in order to enable the Portrait Mode. Portrait Mode will add the blurring effect in the background of any image at the time of taking the portrait photo of any person or any object. Depth Control will be permitting the specific amount of the blur in any image that is captured through the Portrait Mode to easily get transformed into the blurring as well as detail.

    Video Capabilities in iPhone SE

    The iPhone SE has the capacity of shooting around 4K of video for around 60 frames per second, with the 24 as well as 30 frames which is also available. It even brings for you 1080 as well as 720p shooting modes.

    Front-Facing Camera in iPhone SE

    As we talk about the front facing camera of this mobile phone, it is offered with the 7-megapixel front-facing camera which is offering with the anf/2.2 aperture by means of Portrait mode as well as Depth Control. In order to let this function be enabled, Apple is using machine learning as well as monocular depth estimation. The front-facing camera is also supporting with the QuickTake. This makes this phone model to be the very first version of Apple iPhone which is adjusted with such a front facing camera feature.

    Battery Life in iPhone SE

    Lastly we will be mentioning about the battery life! It has been set with the powerful battery which is same as the iPhone 8. Hence its battery range has been around 13 hours of the video playback which is almost eight hours of the streaming video playback and almost 40 hours of audio playback.

    It is also supporting excellent and fastest charging in which you can get 50% battery in just 30 minutes. For the fastest charging access, you would need USB-C power adapter which will be offering around 18 watts. It has been rather presented with the glass body by means of built-in wireless charging coil to hence support Qi-based wireless charging. It is a lot compatible with the 5W or even with the 7.5W Qi-based wireless charging accessory.

    Overview of Important iPhone SE Specifications

    • 4.7-inch of LCD display
    • 1334×750 resolution as well as 326 PPI
    • True Tone excellent display
    • Single 12-megapixel of rear camera (wide lens)
    • Single 7-megapixel of front camera
    • Portrait Mode with the Depth Control
    • Six Portrait of Lighting effects
    • Next-gen Smart HDR
    • A13 Bionic chip with the third-gen Neural Engine
    • Touch ID access
    • Haptic Touch access
    • Amazing Lightning connector
    • Fast charging capable of around 50% charge in almost 30 minutes
    • Qi-based form of wireless charging
    • 64/128/256GB
    • Dual SIM (Nano-SIM and eSIM)
    • Gigabit-class LTE
    • VoLTE
    • 802.11ax Wi Fi 6
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • 3GB best RAM
    • Similar battery life as of iPhone 8

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