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    Will Covid-19 Going to Affect the Coming Flu Season?

    In March, the region of Southern Hemisphere has overall braced the winter flu season at the time of fighting from the COVID 19. Therefore, epidemiologist Cheryl Cohen and colleagues at South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) have eventually set-up a plan where they have been learning from the double whammy. They are hopeful to acquire the study which is based on the interactions between the courses of seasonal respiratory viruses as well as SARS-CoV-2 which are accountable for the rise of COVID 19.
    It has been investigated and is questioned whether the coming flu season will have some impact on the COVID 19 or not! NICDs has even lodged a single case of flu since the time of March. It has been also reported that in that specific period around 700 cases have been reported. According to Cohen, it has been stated that flue surveillance has been prevailing since 1984 and it is completely unprecedented.

    Some of the cases might get overlooked as the majority of the clinics have been closed down temporarily. And those people who are having some sort of mild signs they are generally avoiding visiting the clinics or the office sessions. According to Cohen, it is not yet believed that we have completely missed the season of flu with all the arranged surveillance programs.
    The use of masks, social distancing, and closure of schools and travel restrictions has completely stopped the rise of flu to get spread in South Africa. Such stories have even emerged in Australia and a few parts of South America.

    Northern Hemisphere is no doubt so much luck when it comes to such a scenario. As compared to the Northside, cases over the Southside have been so much less. This report has been conducted by the Pasi Penttinen who is the head of influenza and respiratory illness program at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
    If the social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions are completely avoided in October, November, or in December, then there are high chances of facing flu in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Which Places in the World Got Affected by COVID 19 First?

    Well, we all know that how the Coronavirus as COVID 19 has been affecting the whole world under this outbreak for the last few couple of months. It all started from a small state of China, Wuhan in December 2019 and steadily it took tight control over the whole world. A huge massive number of cases have been so far reported and the death toll has been constantly rising in almost all the countries of the world.
    Right here we have the list of top places or countries in the world who are in the high catch of COVID 19:


    In the third week of March month, the confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the US reached a tremendous level which went on increasing with time. It became even much more rapid by the end of March. On 26th March the US broke all the records of reported cases and even exceed China confirmed cases amount as well. The US even crossed South Korea reported cases on 19th March which was around 33,500 as of 23 March. On 2nd April, confirmed cases of COVID reach at around 240,000 and the death toll surpasses at around 5,800.


    Italy experienced the first case of Coronavirus in Northern Italy which slowly spread to the rest of the entire Italy in just the least period. Italy was the first country that went for the nation-wide lockdown where all shops, schools, and public places were closed down. Residents of Italy were not allowed to step out of their houses for no reason. No doubt that the early precautionary measures by the Italy Government have limited the viral spread of the disease. They faced a massive death toll rate which becomes a major threat to the rest of the world. In between 8th March till 23rd March, around 5,400 Italians lost their lives. Till now the report of confirmed cases is around 105,000.

    covid 19


    Spain crossed the number of reported cases of the Coronavirus as compared to what it was in South Korea in the 3rd week of March and China by the end of March month. On 1st February the very first case of the Coronavirus was reported and till 9th March the total number of reported cases was around 1,000. By 2nd April, the reported cases rose high and it was recorded to be around 112,000. Spain Princess Mara Teresa becomes the first royal personality who died due to COVID-19.
    Spain’s tourism sector has undergone a huge loss due to some high global coronavirus fears. The Spanish government has even advised the company employees to work from home to avoid the widespread emergence of COVID 19.


    Germany has its borders with Switzerland and France. This country has reported the COVID 19 cases which have surpassed to be around 84,700 as compared to China. Germany has already banned all the public places where a huge crowd was expected all the time to stop the spread.
    The mortality rate of Coronavirus in Germany is lesser which around 1.3% with maximum 1,100 deaths is as it was reported on 2nd April. German finance minister Thomas Schafer committed suicide as he was so much disturbed with the downfall of the country’s economic situation happening because of COVID-19.


    China is what we are sharing next with you which is the main medium from where the virus was started! China’s important states such as Macau and Hong Kong are hence all present the most affected states of China with the high novel outbreak of COVID 19. China reported a high death toll which was more than 3,000 deaths and hence approximately 74% of massive global coronavirus cases increased to around 58% by 13th March.

    covid 19


    France is known out to be the 4th most-affected nations in Europe who is still yet all in all coping to handle the Coronavirus in its regions. This nation has the maximum of the reported cases which has even hence break the record of South Korea cases as well. The total number of reported cases till now is around 60,000 whereas the death toll has reached a limit of around 5,400.
    French Government has gone for the nation-wide lockdown where all shops, schools, and public places were 100% closed down. Residents of France were not allowed to step out of their houses for no reason. No doubt that the early precautionary measures by the France Government have limited the viral spread of the disease.


    Iran is although another most prominent country where the overall widespread of COVID 19 was massive and yet huge. More than 50,000 cases have been reported out of which the death toll rate has been around 3,100. It is expected and hence all announced by the Iran itself that has over a huge control has been reported in the cases till now. When it comes to rest of the countries, they have investigated that majority of their patients are the one who has travelled from Iran and moved back to their country. Iran even reported that they have released more than 70,000 prisoners due to the fear of COVID 19 spread.

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