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    The Story of Singers and Net Worth

    Are you ready to know about the top most leading and popular singers and net worth in Hollywood? Well if you are excited about the fact that whether your favorite singer will be part of this list or not, then here we have a complete rundown list about it.

    We all know that currently, USA is known for their power authority and secondly for their Hollywood entertainment. Hollywood is the main source of entertainment all over the world which is gradually a becoming a dream of every single industry celebrity to step into once. It would not be wrong to say that Hollywood has brought ahead with some talented and best singers from 1910 till 2020.
    Different styles of music have been introduced by the Hollywood which ranges from the rock and pop style as well as some classic old versions too. Right here we compiled a list of top leading and best singers of Hollywood 2020 and will also let you know about their net worth as well. Scroll down and grab the list of your favorite Hollywood singers:

    1.Luis Fonsi

    Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero was born on April 15, 1978. He is famously known by the stage name of Luis Fonsi. He is professionally known as the famous Puerto Rican singer, talented songwriter and fresh actor.  He has till now launched so many famous songs in which we have “Despacito”.

    Luis Fonsi

    Luis Fonsi was also honored with the first ever Latin Grammy Award nominations in the Record of the Year category. He even won the Song of the Year thanks to the song “Aquí Estoy Yo”. He has been also honored with the four Latin Grammy Awards, as well as seven Billboard Latin Music Awards, with five Billboard Music Awards and even received three Grammy Awards nominations.

    Net worth: He has a net worth of $16 million

    2.Ann Marie

    Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson was born on 7 April 1991. She is professionally working as a famous English singer-songwriter. She got a huge success from her very first debut album Speak Your Mind which was released on 27 April 2018. Her album even peaked at the number three on the charts of UK Albums Chart.

    anne marie

    She got nominated for the four awards at the event of the 2019 Brit Awards in which we have Best British Female Solo Artist. In 2015, she even signed a record deal with the Asylum and in 2018 she released her same work with the same label.

    Net worth: Anne Marie net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2020.

    3.Jon Bon Jovi

    On the 10th spot of our list we have the name of Jon Bon Jovi! He is professionally working as the American singer as well as song writer. He was born on 2nd March 1962 and has already earned so many awards in the field of music entertainment industry. He has till now produced so many songs and has composed them with the music which is still fresh in the minds of so many people. Some of the biggest hits of this veteran singer career are Livin on a Prayer, as well as It’s my life, wanted dead or alive and so many more.

    Jon Bon Jovi

    Apart from it, he is also working as the main founder of rock and Bon Jovi band which he did introduced in the year 1983. This was the biggest achievement of his career according to him. Besides being so much famous for the singing skills, he has made a big name for his charitable activities as well. He has been associated with so many charitable organizations where he has given handsome money for charitable work. He has millions of fans all over the world. He is currently one of the highest paying American singers.

    Net Worth: $410 Million


    On the 9th spot we have the name of Madonna! She is one of the most wanted American singers which a massive fan following. She is not just a singer, but is also working as a finest songwriter, actress, as well as entrepreneur. She was born on 16th August in 1958. She was born and raised up in the city of Michigan, United States. She was raised by father, Tony who used to work in the Chrysler and General Motors’ who was an engineer designer.


    She has a strong personality with incredible singing skills. She has an amazing business mind which has made her to be an inspiration for so many upcoming business people. She has been known out to be the current most top leading singers of the Hollywood as being so much high in demand for the concerts. She rose to the heights of fame and success in just the least time period of her career. Some of the biggest hits of her career are Crazy for you, Cherish, 4 minutes, Justify my love, open your heart, erotica and Iconic. She is now known out to be the highest paid Hollywood singers in the entertainment world with an awesome charming personality.

    Net worth: U.S. $570–$800 million

    5.Jennifer Lopez

    This list is incomplete without the name of Jennifer Lopez! She is standing on the 8th spot of our list! She is not just a wonderful lady but is extremely talented with her singing skills. She was born on July 24th 1969. She was born and raised up in the New York City, America. She is extremely multi-talented in terms of her singing, dancing and acting abilities.

    Jennifer Lopez

    She rose to the heights of fame and success in just the least time period of her career. Some of the biggest hits of her career are I ‘m Real If you had my love, On the floor, Get Right Feelin’ so Good. Apart from just singing, she has also featured herself in so many films as well as series which was loved by the audience. She has made a big name for her versatile level of musical styles as well as recreating her image all throughout her entire musical career.
    She is quite a lot known for her sexy groovy songs. She is a strong women personality with a perfect reflection of beauty with brain.

    Net worth: $400 million as earning around $40 million each year

    6.Chris Brown

    Now here we have another popular male singer for you! Yes, we are talking about Chris Brown! Chris Brown is one of the finest singers of American Hollywood industry. He has been popular known for his love and romantic songs. He was born on 5th May 1989 at the place of Tappahannock, Virginia. He is a top class singer with a charming personality. He has a massive female fan following. Apart from singing, he is best in his abilities of dancing and songwriting as well.

    Chris Brown

    He made his way into the singing industry at a very young age. He has been always passionate about his career success and stardom. He has made a big name for his versatile level of musical styles as well as recreating his image all throughout her entire musical career. He worked for team production hit for the first time and this was how he reached to the success limits in just time of his career start. His fans just wait around the whole year for the announcement of his live performances. His biggest album hit was Royalty.

    Net Worth: $50 Million

    7.Lady Gaga

    On the 6th spot we have the most wanted Lady Gaga! She has always remained one of the most upfront singers of the Hollywood industry. She is a legendary star and is an inspiration for so many upcoming singers in this industry. She has been superbly known for her great singing skills and breath taking performances in concerts.

    Lady Gaga

    Her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina. But on her stage name she is known as Lady Gaga. She is one of the richest singers in Hollywood. She has been known for her fashion sense as well which has always grabbed the attention of the audience. She has made a big name for her versatile level of musical styles as well as recreating her image all throughout her entire musical career. She is undoubtedly one of the top most wanted female pop singers in the world.

    Net worth: She has estimated $275 million

    8.Justin Bieber

    He is just 25 years old and currently he is one of the richest singers of Hollywood. Yes, we have Justin Bieber for you! He is one of the most top favorite Hollywood singers and in 2020 he has made his special place in the hearts of the fans with his superbly talented singing skills. He has a massive popularity due to his best sensational singing skills.

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber has given so many hit albums and chartbuster songs in his career till now. He has earned a big name and fame in just the least time period of his career start and that too in young age. He started his career in 2008 at the age of 13. He has been known as being the most inspirational personalities in the world ever. By profession he is working as the Canadian singer, songwriter, rapper and as an actor. He was born on 1st match 1994.

    Net Worth: $285 Million

    9.Taylor Swift

    On the 4th spot, we have come up with the name of Taylor Swift! She is one known out to be one of the most remarkable and ideal singers of Hollywood in the female category. This list is completely imperfect to continue if we do not add the name of Taylor Swift. She is not just known for her singing but is extremely stylish as well. She is a real diva.

    Taylor Swift

    She has been working as an amazing singer but at the same time she is a professional songwriter as well. She is popular to be known as the most beautiful women in the world. She grew to fame and success heights in just the last time period of her career start. She has given so many hit albums. She was born on 13th December 1899 at the place of Pennsylvania. Her two most successful hits are The love story and Blank space. She mostly becomes popular because she add her songs with the narration of her personal life story. She has huge fan following on her social media account.

    Net worth: Over $360 million

    10.Nicki Minaj

    How can we miss out mentioning the name of Nicki Minaj? She was born with the birth name of Onika Tanya Maraj on 8th December 1982. If you are fond of listening Hollywood rap songs, then listening to Nicki Minaj should be your first choice. She is known out to be the queen of raping and is extremely popular. She has made a big name in the song writing career as well.

    Nicki Minaj

    The reason why she has become the top most popular is due to her strong personality and phenomenal voice. Her top favorite songs are great number but audience loved, Walkman and Radio. She is currently known as the top most popular and successful rapper singers. She started her career in 2004. She is one of the richest female rappers in the world.

    Net Worth: Over $100 Million


    On the second spot we have the name of Beyonce! She is a multitalented lady with the massive fan following. She has made an unbelievable growth in her career and won millions of hearts in just the start of her career chart. Throughout her whole career she has given some massive hit albums. She is professionally working as an American singer, famous songwriter, talented model, actress, fashion designer, director and as a record producer.


    She was born on 4th September 1981 in the place of Houston. She has been best known for her singing as well as dancing skills. Her very first album Dangerously was one of the biggest hit of her career till date today. She has broken so many records with her albums. And now she has made herself to be one of the passionate and true singers.

    Net worth: Estimated to be $400 million


    Last and yet on the top we have Rihanna, the queen of Hollywood music industry! She is unbeatable when it comes to fan following and breaking records of chartbuster with her music albums.  She is a complete package of a perfect diva. Apart from singing, she is professionally working as a finest actress, talented fashion designer, entrepreneur, as well as philanthropist.  She was born on 20th February 1998 at Saint Michael.


    In the year 2003, she started her professional career from the recording of the demo tapes under Evan Rogers. She is known for her passionate singing career and being so much hard work and dedicated for her work. She is even part of the list of top 10 most followed female celebrities on Instagram. She has made a big name for her versatile level of musical styles as well as recreating her image all throughout her entire musical career.

    Net worth: Rihanna now has a net worth of $600 million


    So this was the end of the list of top leading and most popular Hollywood singers of 2020. All the singers which we discussed right in our list is based on fan following, career achievements and net worth. Which one of these is your favorite?

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