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    Coronavirus Outbreak – Where are We Now and Where We Can Go?

    It was 27th December 2019, when the first case of Coronavirus was reported in the small city of China, Wuhan. According to medical health doctors in China, this virus spread due to the animals in Wuhan. Slowly and steadily, this virus spread its trap in the whole of China and started taking the lives of people. Till now more than 30,000 Chinese people have lost their life. Being uncontrollable, this virus has spread in almost all the neighboring countries of China. It had severely affected Pakistan, India, the United States, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, London, Australia, South Africa and so many more countries who are still reporting of getting new cases in their health centers. Among all such countries, Italy has faced the highest death toll record till now.

    As on Thursday, there were so many articles on the Facebook US which were all related to the outbreak of the coronavirus.  As compared to the last week and the week before that, Facebook traffic has increased to around 50% in terms of US regions.  This is probably because of the massive interest of the people in getting the latest updates about the virus.  A couple of days back, Zuckerberg also announced that the company will be rolling down a feature of “coronavirus information center” which will be placed on top of the News Feed corner. This will encourage the users of Facebook to perform social distancing as much as they can. 

    The emergence of Coronavirus in Italy will affect European Union

    Italy, which is the most affected country in the European Union, has examined about 150,000 dead people, in accordance with a document from the Italian ministry of health. However, Italian authorities, alongside researchers at the University of Padua and the Red Cross examined all residents of Vò – a city of 3,000 inhabitants close to Venice – in a pilot assignment that suggests the effectiveness to give up the similarly unfold of coronavirus within 14 days.
    In Spain, health authorities currently warned that the United States does no longer have adequate sources to diagnose all instances of the novel coronavirus and just 30,000 checks have been performed due to the fact that the establishment of the crisis, Spanish newspaper El País reported.
    While France stated that it can lift out simply 2,500 checks a day with prioritization for healthcare specialists and these who are very sick. Germany can deal with about 12,000 exams daily, in accordance to the German countrywide affiliation of statutory fitness insurance plan physicians. This should provide an explanation for why Germany gives the lowest mortality charge amongst the nations that are most affected by way of the epidemic – at 0.3% in contrast to Italy’s 7.9 percent.

    Although the UK is presently doing 4,000 checks per day, the United States is considering to extend this discern to 25,000 a day, British high minister Boris Johnson introduced on Wednesday. Poland currently stated that about 1,500 take a look at are being completed daily, even though it expects to get hold of 10,000 check kits from China to amplify its capacity.
    Earlier this week, China stated it will furnish 50,000 testing kits to Europe, as well as shielding equipment. Meanwhile, a growing wide variety of nations in Europe, such as Germany and Spain, are deploying drive-through trying out websites – an alternative that has helped South Korea to rise out checks quicker and better.
    A scarcity in coronavirus checking out kits has been mentioned worldwide, with many human beings being denied to have a prognosis – whilst the listing of well-known and effective human beings examined maintains developing each day.
    WHO stated until now this week that the value of the take a look at relies upon on the country, however stages between €25€ and €55.
    It’s no longer cheap, however, it is extra highly-priced to be sick,” stated Dorit Nitzan, European coordinator of health emergencies at WHO.

    What are the Effects of Coronavirus on Children?

    As the wide variety of Covid-19 cases that rises worldwide. In this whole scenario, parents are attempting to protect their kids from the sickness that can take solace in one thing. Hence it has been reported that this ailment has normally been milder in children. However, there are many unknowns about coronavirus, and research is ongoing. Let’s talk about the effects of coronavirus on children!

    Can children get coronavirus?

    Yes. They can be contaminated with and show up to be in a position to transmit coronavirus, even if they do not have symptoms. That is why it is essential for kids to exercise social distancing and hand-washing, even if they do no longer show up ill.

    How does coronavirus affect children?

    It is typically believed to get milder signs in children; however, the precise effects through age are turning into clearer as the outbreak goes on. Much of what we know these days is primarily based on reviews out of China, the place where the outbreak began. There 2.4% of all known cases that had been in young people below 19 years old. An even smaller wide variety inside this team of kids had extreme symptoms, 2.5%, or what the World Health Organization (WHO) described as “a very small proportion”. But more research is being executed and a clearer image is still ahead emerging.

    Why does coronavirus affect teens differently?

    That stays unknown! Dr. Jay C Butler, deputy director of infectious disease at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “The phenomenon is very significant,” on a live-streamed show hosted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, however that the mechanisms are “really unknown”.
    People aged 60 and older or with current fitness stipulations continue to be the most susceptible to the coronavirus. That consists of people with stipulations such as excessive blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorder, and persistent respiratory conditions, following the WHO.

    Should you be concerned if your kid has health issues?

    Respiratory stipulations such as allergies regularly result in greater extreme instances of viral ailments such as influenza. But the coronavirus is new, and it stays unknown whether or not it will more severely have an effect on teens with asthma. Similarly, there is not but proof about whether or not coronavirus should more negatively affect teens with diabetes, which is a chance component for adults.
    If your kids are at home, they should be taught about staying in a normal workout. They should be all the time practicing social distancing when they are outside.
    Experts are nevertheless studying COVID-19, so we do not have a lot of records about it yet. There are a few cases of the virus being said in children. Most of them caught the contamination from anybody they lived with or a household member.
    Call your physician if your infant or anyone in your household has a fever, cough, or different flu-like symptoms. Tell the health practitioner if they have been close to any individual with COVID-19 or lived in or traveled to an area where so many people have the coronavirus. Make sure your kid has all their vaccinations. Protect them towards ailments like measles and the flu.

    How Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) Treated?

    Most humans with COVID-19, which includes children, do not have serious problems. They normally get higher with relaxation and fluids. But it is necessary to preserve children with COVID-19 away from others who can also have a more difficult time with the virus. People who are very sick get care in a health center with respiration help, IV fluids, and different treatments.

    Important of Social media Platforms to Deal with Coronavirus Outbreak:

    There have been different social media platforms who have been working in support of the outbreak of Coronavirus as a source of information for the audience. In all such platforms, we have the name of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube along with TikTok. All these platforms have been working in one line for promoting the factual content. They are also limiting their posts reach within the misinformation on their various platforms. Recently, WHO has also joined the platform of TikTok to boost the range of accurate information related to illness!
    In one of the recent reports, it has been updated that around 90% of the clicks related to the coronavirus content have been coming from the “Power News Consumers” as well as “Power News Discussers”. This is the term that is used for Facebook users as in reading and commenting on the news stories extra frequently as compared to the average based users. Now the company has been making so many efforts as in targeting the people with the superior quality of the information to be sure that it is “being spread downstream.” Users are completely having a strong impact on the information of coronavirus information diet related to the rest of the Facebook users.
    Facebook is making some hard efforts to commence the importance of distance measuring by informing the people in different cities, countries, theaters, closing schools as well as restaurants. In simple words, you just need to get yourself locked down in the homes if you want to stay safe and protective from this virus outbreak. Hence the Facebook Company has been so much quick enough in banning all the advertisements related to hand sanitizers, face masks as well as disinfectant wipes or the COVID-19 test kits. According to their recent report, Facebook has been also playing a vital role in monitoring the new habits of the people during this whole situation. They are making an effort in which they are steering them in the direction of authoritative sources as in what amount the global, or the real-time experiment in the news distribution.
    Facebook messenger platform is also offering the agencies and government sectors with some free developer tools for combating the outbreak of COVID-19. This will encourage all the participants to build local as well as global solutions. It will be receiving some unique access to the Messenger-related content in which we have Facebook Live tutorials along with the product experts. This will also be including a huge range of various educational materials for supporting the innovations.

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