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    Best Strategies to redesign your Business Website

    No matter whether you have been planning to start a small business or the big one, establishing your business website plays a vital role. It is through your business website through which a customer or the visitors on your site will get an idea about your services and products.
    But in this whole scenario, redesigning of the website plays an important role. It is extremely needed to add your business website with the redesigning effects which can make it look extra professional and attractive for the site visitors!

    Best Strategies

    What is Website Redesigning all about?

    Now you might be thinking what website redesigning is all about! Well the concept of website redesigning is all about bringing some changes in your content and updating it into latest content. You need to add some update effects over the format, structure, content as well as navigation of your business site. This is all done to improve your site performance and convert more of the visitors from other websites.
    There have been so many organizations who look forward to change the whole theme of their business website just in case if they want to grab some more traffic as their business starts to grow. You should never miss the fact that redesigning of the website is extremely vital for powerful marketing and creating a powerful brand image. According to a latest report, 80% of the consumers stated that they have encountered a high growth in their business through redesigning of their website in a new format.

    Important Strategies to Redesign your Business Website Successfully

    Below we will be discussing some of the important strategies which you should be following to redesign your business website successfully:

    • Benchmark your Existing Performance Metrics

    Before you start to plan your whole website redesigning, it is important to first of all document the existing performance metrics. This will initially help you to figure out where your current website has been standing and which metrics are needed to improve the whole website design.
    There are few basic elements which can guide you better about the monthly performance of your website. On the basis of the data collection, you can list down the major goals of your website redesigning. This includes number of visitors on your site, time spent on site, bounce rate, use of keywords in terms of traffic, rank and lead generation, total number of new leads & form submission, total number of pages indexed, total number of pages that received traffic and so much more.

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    • Know the Redesigning Goals of your Website

    The next most important strategy is about the redesigning goals of your website which you should know by all means. You should ask yourself why you want to redesign your website and what the major reasons behind it are.
    Majority of the business competitors will redesign their website just because they are all set to stay in the market competition for the next few years. As you decide to list down your goals, make sure you pick the one which goes in accordance with your website redesigning. You should later on communicate all the goals with your designer, team, or the agency.

    • Define your Messaging & Branding

    As you start with the website redesigning, you have to make sure that you are completely clear with your desired messaging, branding or the unique set of value proposition. This will let you know about the consistency level of your website. Any visitor who will step into your website will probably get an idea about what your site is all about and what sort of services it deliver. Even though if you have been planning to change it, you should ask yourself what are the reasons to change it.

    When it comes to changing your messaging or the branding, it is your own personal choice that whether you want to change it or keep it as same. In case of changes, try to make sure that the changes are on the top mind of your website redesigning.
    For the development of message, it needs to be concise and clear in language. You should avoid using any sort of industry jargon that has been alienating the parts of any audience and make it sound like robot and not a human.

    For the development of branding, you have to consider few of the important aspects which your website need at the time of redesigning. You should be careful at the time of changing style guide, new logo or the color palette. Hence you have to stay consistent in almost all aspects of the website redesigning.

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    • Know About Your Buyer Main Persona

    Your website should not be surrounded by you all the time. It should be dedicated to your customers or site visitors as well. As any visitor will visit your site, the first thing they want to learn is about how the site is helpful for them. This is so common!
    The best and easiest way is to always communicate with the visitors in their own language which can assist you to craft your website redesigning in a better way. It should know your buyer persona as well.

    For example, if you are working as a marketing manager for any hotel and are looking to establish it as a new business, then you have to target different types of buyer personas. This will include corporate traveler manager, business independent traveler, event planter as well as couple wedding arrangement. So all in all, you have to make sure that you are clear enough when it comes to the identification of buyer persons so you can shape your website redesigning on better scale.

    You can even check out with some handy buyer persona templates which can help you to create and research on different buyer personas. You should ask yourself whether the changes in the website can affect your website traffic or not.

    • Protection of search engine optimized pages

    Getting an online discovery is so much important when it comes to the improvement of your website metrics. It is impossible for you to increase your site leads as well as conversions in case if no visitor is visiting your site. For that sake it is important to follow some basic rules as a beginner and as a professional too.
    You should document your most of the search valued pages. Try to make the use of your marketing analytics with which you can know about which pages of your sites are receiving maximum traffic or the inbound links. This can also help you to know about which topics are considered to be the most influential ones in the current market.
    If you are moving towards highly valuable pages, you have to make sure that you have created a proper series of 301 redirects. This strategy plays an important role when it comes to retaining the website traffic and the link value which is associated with your given page. To keep a record by your side, you can create a set of spreadsheet.
    In addition, you have to be conscious about keyword research as well. For any new website, you have to choose the keyword related with your top for the page on which you are focusing on. As you get to know about your target keywords, you should use the on-page SEO reliable practices which can help you to optimize your pages of website.

    • Analyze your Market competition

    We will never recommend you to get obsess with your market competitors, but it is important to compare themselves with the services which you are offering in market. You do have a choice where you can run your business website through the platform of HubSpot’s free Website Grader tool for generating the report card to run your website performance.
    Plus, you can even make the use of some diagnostic tools which can help you to know about your competitor websites to know about their weaknesses and strengths.

    Furthermore, you should be giving a look at the major competitor websites and how they are performing in market. As you are done with the analysis, you can list down all those major items which are playing a major role for an improvement of your website redesigning.

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