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    How ATM machines and card works?

    Do you want to know how ATM machines and card works for you? ATM is the abbreviation of automated teller machine. It is working as an automatic banking machine which will be letting the customer to completely perform the basic transaction without any helping hand of banking representatives. There are basically two main types of automated teller machine (ATMs). The first one is letting the clients to draw their cash and get a complete check report of their account balance. The second type is little bit complex in which machine will be accepting the deposit and will provide basic facilities related with credit card payment. It will also report the customer about the account information.

    What is Automated Teller Machine Card?

    ATM card is basically an electronic device which is normally used by the banking customers for performing their account transactions. The users will be allowed to access the account on their name through plastic card which is known as ATM card. This card is included with the information about the user on some magnetic strip. The strip is based on identification code which is straight away transmitted to the banking central computer by the use of modem. Users just need to insert the card in ATM machine so they can access their account and perform some account transactions.

    An Overview about Automated Teller Machine Devices

    The automated teller machine is based upon two input devices along with four output devices. Below we have the details about it:
    Input Devices:

    • Card reader
    • Keypad

    Output Devices:

    • Speaker
    • Display Screen
    • Receipt Printer
    • Cash Depositor

    Now we will be discussing the sub-category devices in each category one by one:

    Input Devices:

    Card Reader:

    The card reader is one such input device which is used for reading data from your card. This card reader is interlinked with the basic identification of any specific account number along with magnetic strip which is positioned at the back side of the ATM card. This card is simply swiped or either pressed on your card reader which will collect your entire account information.

    • Keypad:

    You will get to know when the machine has identified your card when the machine will ask some basic details about your identification number, your withdrawal and inquire about your balance. Each single card has a unique form of PIN number so that no other person can withdraw any sort of cash from your account. There are different laws that are set upon to secure your PIN code while you are sending it to the host processor. This PIN number is normally sent in the form of encrypted from. The key board is based upon 48 keys.

    Output Devices:


    The speaker is accountable for providing the audio feedback as you will be pressing any specific key.

    Display Screen:

    The display screen will be displaying an important data or information about the transaction. Every single step about the withdrawal will be displayed on the screen. In majority of ATMs, a CRT screen or any LCD screen is employed.

    Receipt Printer:

    The next we have receipt printer! This printer is responsible for printing any basic information about the withdrawal amount, time or the date on which the transaction was made. It will also show you your account balance in a form of receipt.

    Cash Dispenser:

    The cash dispenser is known to be the main heart of ATM. This card dispenser is basically working as the main system of any ATM machine in which the required money has been obtained. Through this portion, any ATM card user will be able to collect their money. The main function of this cash dispenser is to count every single bill and maintain the specific amount. If somehow the cash money has been folded, it will automatically be moved to another section and will become the part of rejected billing.

    2 Main Types of ATM Machines

    Majority of host processors are either supporting the leased line or either the dial up machines. So ATM machines are divided into two main types as mentioned below:

    • Leased line ATM machines
    • Dial up ATM machines
    Leased Line ATM Machines:
    First one is leased line machine which is directly connected to host processor. This machine is connected by using four wire point to point by means of dedicated telephone line. These types of machines are preferred in place. The operating cost of these machines is very high.

    Dial Up ATM Machines:

    The second ATM machine type is the dial up ATMs! These machines are connected with the hosting processor all through the usage of normal phone by using modem. It will require normal connections and the starting cost of installation is quite less.

    What you need to know about ATM Security?

    The ATM card is completely secured through the private PIN number. This PIN number will be your confidential and you will not be sharing with any other person. There is no other way to get PIN number out of your card until and unless you won’t be sharing it with anyone. Each single card has a unique form of PIN number so that no other person can withdraw any sort of cash from your account. There are different laws that are set upon to secure your PIN code while you are sending it to the host processor. This PIN number is normally sent in the form of encrypted from. It is completely encrypted by means of powerful software known as Triple data Encryption Slandered.
    In simple terms we will be defining the automated teller machine as a form of data terminal which is based on 2 input as well as 4 basic output devices. All these 6 devices of input and output categories are interfaced by means of processor. The processor is known as the main heart of your ATM machine. All the ATM machines which are working in this world are all based on the centralized database system.

    Important benefits of Automated Teller Machine:

    • The ATM will be providing 24 hours service.
    • The ATM will give you the best privacy in terms of banking communications.
    • The ATMs make sure that your work load is reduced.
    • The ATM will offer their customers with the new currency notes
    • The ATMs are so much convenient for the banking customers
    • The ATM is so much beneficial for travelers
    • The ATM will give out the with no such error

    Important features of Automated Teller Machine:

    • Transferring the funds through linked bank accounts
    • Receiving the account balance
    • Prints all the recent transactions list
    • Changing your pin
    • Depositing your cash
    • Prepaid mobile based recharge
    • Payments of bills
    • Withdrawal of cash

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