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    Facebook Introduce an eLearning Program for Community Manager

    Facebook is one such platform with which you can connect yourself with your friends, family members, and even with the whole world. You can keep yourself updated with this social networking platform by knowing about the latest events and news. Although in the beginning stages, Facebook was just a source of entertainment and information for the people. But now this platform has moved one step ahead and is aiming to work as the educational tool as well.

    Do you want to know how?

    Facebook has now initiated a project which is associated with eLearning groups for sharing some basic eLearning content. With the help of this program, you can even take part in some eLearning courses which are related to online discussion through the Facebook medium. Finally, the time has arrived when Facebook will no longer be known as the source of entertainment.

    Facebook Introduce an eLearning Program

    If you are among those people who are striving to learn some basics of eLearning strategies and working procedure, for them staying connected with a Facebook network is the best option. So let’s welcome you to the world of Facebook eLearning Program!

    Important Benefits of Facebook eLearning Program

    This Facebook eLearning Program is extremely beneficial for eLearning professionals and also the beginners stepping inside the world of the eLearning industry. Below we are sharing a few important and common benefits of the Facebook eLearning Program:

    It is Available for All People

    Facebook is one such tool that is easily accessible to every single person. You can access it at any time and at any hour of the day when it is required. Similarly accessing the eLearning Program of Facebook become equally available for the users who are striving to learn it. You can easily and efficiently access it without any hassle of searching it from one place to another.

    It is best for social learning

    This is an excellent program for social learning and communication. We all know that Facebook is a medium of communication with the whole world and expanding your social circle. It encourages information sharing, open communication, and massive networking.
    Once you connect yourself with Facebook for the eLearning program, you will be allowed to ask questions, discuss new ideas, share your experienced, or discover some latest information. This social interaction will greatly impact how people work and learn together through active learning and Facebook collaboration.

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    • It improves learner engagement

    This Facebook eLearning Program plays an effective role to improve learner engagement. Being a famous and user-friendly platform, Facebook let millions of people to express their concerns and ideas as a piece of motivation for others. This social learning program will foster online discussions and will develop some passive learners for participating in different eLearning debates.

    • It is Affordable

    The last and most important benefit is related to the extremely affordable cost of Facebook. This is one of the cost-effective ways with which you can share impressive content of eLearning with the audience. You just need to be careful about the distribution and organization of online courses.

    What are the major Drawbacks of the Facebook eLearning Program?

    • It can be Distracting

    Facebook is a complete world of entertainment and keeping your update with the latest news stories. As you log into Facebook, you spent enough of your scrolling through a news feed and watching videos or images. This is the moment when Facebook becomes your biggest enemy to distract you from learning something creative and inspiring. This temptation can make your whole learning system less effective and friendly.

    • It is not 100% secure

    The only difference between Facebook and Learning management system is taking place over the happening of virus attacks and fraud. So many cases have been reported in which Facebook users have faced the circumstances of online scam and virus attacks. The eLearning program does not want its users to fell into the prey trap of fraud and scamming at any cost.

    How you can Use Facebook Platform for Facebook eLearning Program?

    Well, the majority of the people do have a question in mind related to the concept of using Facebook for the eLearning Program. In the middle of a few common disadvantages, there are varieties of ways with which you can collaborate with Facebook to learn the basics of eLearning strategy. Let’s discuss few important tips which you need to follow right now:

    • You should make the use of the Facebook platform as a strong medium of your community among a group of learners. No matter what sake you are using the Facebook networking platform, at the end of the day you will be successful to interact and communicate with millions of people from all over the world. Building a powerful community of audience will bring so many opportunities to learn something creative and inspiring.

    • Another major element of using Facebook for the eLearning program is to boost the level of online collaboration. If at any point you feel that one-on-one interaction is not happening so far, then possibly you can avail the option of peer-to-peer discussion given by the Facebook community. Facebook groups are an excellent medium in which you can spark up your discussions, share your ideas, discuss your feedback, or even collaborate with other users to complete their projects. This social interaction will greatly impact how people work and learn together through active learning and Facebook collaboration.

    • There are endless options that you can acquire by connecting yourself with Facebook eLearning Program. This program is extremely beneficial for all those people who are always striving to gain knowledge and understanding the basics of eLearning courses.

    • Furthermore, you can make the use of Facebook messages to have your voice reach out to another group of audience. Messaging over Facebook is the best and easiest way with which you can connect yourself with the learners as well as eLearning professionals. If the learners or professionals are online, you can instantly send them your questions and get your queries solved.

    • Another best tip that even the experts share with the audience is creating a group and posting different supplement resources for the audience. This is extremely beneficial for Facebook users as well. You can eventually post some additional information or eLearning resources on Facebook for all those learners who are finding an issue to understand the key concepts of a specific topic. Posting assignments and your private projects will be extremely helpful for them.

    • Besides, you should ask the learners to carry some research on Facebook. This will initially help you to stop looking into different research sites of Wikipedia which can be a little daunting for the newbie learners.

    • Once you connect yourself with Facebook for the eLearning program, you will be allowed to ask questions, discuss new ideas, share your experienced, or discover some latest information.

    • The learner can do their research on a specific topic and have it posted exclusively on Facebook. This can be made possible by having an insight over those Facebook groups who are already having a strong grip over this subject matter. This will initially help the user to have comprehensive know-how about any topic and develop their research or technological skills.

    • Through the use of Facebook polls, you can even get excellent feedback for your designed eLearning course. You can pinpoint some strong and weak points for the convenience of the learner. Well, you just need to create a few simple questions and create a small poll out of it which you can directly post on your Facebook wall. This will enable the learners to get complete feedback and make some efforts to improve their weak points.

    • Last but not the least, always pay your major attention to the visuals! This is extremely important. By posting colorful images and videos in your course content will be helpful for you to attract users at a massive level. You need to be careful with the selection of your images, graphics, animations, or the videos. You should never be including your course content with such videos or images which are irrelevant or not needed.


    To sum up the whole discussion, we will say that the whole scenario of the Facebook eLearning program is extremely effective and helpful for the new eLearning professionals stepping inside this industry. This eLearning program will enable the user to improve their creative mindset and learn some basics of how to develop inspirational and impressive ideas. You can get in touch with professionals and experts to know more about how this eLearning program is performed to get successful results.
    This is truly a great initiative by Facebook where this platform is not just an entertainment piece but is equally important to improve your eLearning strategies. If you are still not sure enough about how to use this Facebook eLearning program, then get in touch with the help center of Facebook right now and have a look at its tutorial guide.

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